iSpray : What are the advantages of external lubrication on a tablet press compared to folding lubricant into the blend?


In this paper, we will analyze the advantages of using external lubrication in the pharmaceutical tablet manufacturing process.

During the manufacturing process, some of the ingredients in the formulation may be sticky and disturb the compression process.

If these granules stick to the punches or dies, this can lead to major interruptions in production, requiring the dismantling and cleaning of the tooling.

This type of problem also leads to a lower production rate, a risk of breakage between the different layers of the product (capping), and premature wear of the punch and die tools.

This greatly reduces the overall efficiency of the production line.

The addition of lubricant such as Magnesium Stearate (vegetable material + food additive) can reduce or eliminate sticking issues. There are two ways to add the lubricant:

There are significant differences between the two methods, and this is what we will demonstrate in the table below.

Pro & Con study:


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