iSpray – External tablet lubrication system

The iSpray is a unique punch face and die wall lubrication system that continuously sprays dry lubricant onto tablet press delivering a consistent and verifiable amount of dry lubricant onto the tablet outer surface.

Key benefits
  • Very Accurate dosing
  • Continuous control of lubricant thanks to the flow measuring device
  • No recirculation of lubricant thanks to the high under pressure vacuum system
  • Pressure monitoring to automatically switch the back-up line
  • Back-up line to continue running in case of pipe blockage
  • Easy to install in any kind of tablet presses with customizable spray nozzles
  • Easy dismantling - Fast and easy cleaning
  • Standard "DT" Dust Tight and available in "C" Containment
  • Central HMI with OPC UA, CFR 21 Part 11 compliant

Surplus of lubricant is eliminated by vacuum directly on the spray nozzle, then collected in a removable bin.
iSpray has several innovatively-designed features, including a compact double-sided nozzle that fits most rotary table presses for optimal coverage of most tool sizes, and a back up line with a pressure sensor built into each nozzle, which  automated switching between lines that, in doing so, helps avoid costly interruptions due to a potential blockage.
For recipe storage, the system is equipped with a touch screen HMI with audit trail recording, compliant with FDA.
iSpray helps reduce  the amount of dry lubricant in the compression blend, while  applying an optimized amount of lubricant to the upper punch face, die wall and lower punch face.
Excess lubricant is directly vacuumed, next to the nozzle.  This allows consistent amounts of lubricant to be applied on tablets throughout a lengthy batch and from one batch to another. The amount applied can therefore be validated.
For existing hygroscopic or effervescent formulations the system helps reduce the die wall friction at the ejection stage, the lower punch face friction at the take off stage. In addition, it  helps prevent logo picking or stickiness issues.
This provides the added benefit of reducing wear on as well as  extending life of tooling and ejection cams.
For new formulations, the system helps eliminate the use of  dry lubricant in the blend, thus eliminating an extra step in the manufacturing process and greatly enhancing the solubility of the tablet. This solubility enhancement has been in great demand for new drugs that often have poorly soluble APIs (especially with biotech drugs).
The minimal quantity of lubricant sprayed externally onto  tablets can be accurately measured and validated  to meet the requirements for the formulations under US Pharmacopeia.

Assy # #490 000 00 for single side press
#490 001 00 for double side press
Item Description iSpray
Description iSpray is a unique punch face lubrication system that continuously sprays dry lubricant onto tablet press delivering a consistent and verifiable amount of dry lubricant onto the tablet outer surface.
Spray technology Dual spray nozzle allowing upper punch, lower punch and die spraying and revacuuming of the exceed lubricant
Vacuum technology COAX Technology, the most energy efficient way to produce vacuum
Backup line & pressure monitoring Yes
Lubricant dosing monitoring Yes
Dosing calibration/validation protocol Yes
Tablet press application Any kind of tablet press (existing press or new project with integrated communication)
Press speed No limitation
Tablet size No limitation
Spraying/Vacuuming nozzle Standard - but can eventually be customised to fit specific tablet press
Conveyor Material Approved FDA
Contact parts finishing RA ≤0,5 µm
Floor dimension 1000 x 655 x 1938 mm (HEPA filter included)
Frame parts Stainless steel 304 - brushed
Frame mounted on wheels Yes
Material certificate Available
IQ-OQ protocol Available

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