Boosting the productivity through high quality dedusting technology

The Challenge

Consumers have high demands when it comes to Pharma tablets. One of the most important aspect to consider in the OSD (Oral solid dosage) industry is product quality, regulatory adherence, and patient safety. High standards Pharma production requires reliable equipment in order to guarantee efficiency, quality and smooth operations. Dust free product is essential for a good product quality as well as for easy operations for blister lines and for coating processes. When dealing with blistering lines packing multiple products, for example, the reduced changeover time is a key factor to avoid too long cleaning intervals and preserve high productivity. Furthermore, without dust, no issues with the inspection camera on the line are guaranteed. Metal detection is also relevant to check and reject non-compliant substances or material. Especially in terms of product safety it is fundamental to exclude any kind of product contamination.

The Solution

Sanofi Poland installed 7 new machines from the iSeries product line, to achieve higher flexibility and automation during the process. All the PFC 750 “DT” units are equipped with CEIA metal detector, autocheck and software for audit trail and batch report.

The Result

  •  Improved dedusting technology
  • Enhanced flexibility and automation (no manual tests for the metal detector)
  • Improved cleanability
  • Much improved the handling of the unit during operation and cleaning
  • Easy and intuitive assembly
  • Moulded parts do not break

In Summary

Thanks to Pharma Technology units there was an overall improvement in the efficiency of the process due to the effective dedusting results during production and
the increased reliability of metal detection. Pharma Technology AutoCheck automatically and continuously tests the good functionality of the metal check process. The system inserts 3 test pieces (stainless steel, ferrous, and non-ferrous) into the metal check head at regularly specified time intervals. In case of metal check non-conformity, the machine will stop and generate
an alarm signal. The high conveying speed together with the reduction of noise level, the small footprint and the possibility to install the HMI on both sides of the machines to easily
fit any tablet presses, facilitated the operations giving more flexibility to the process. The Flex Connect kit, always under slight vibration, is meant for an even cleaner installation, better product flow and dust tight process line because it allows a very smooth product transfer from the tablet press to the deduster. All these aspects enhanced the cleanability of the production line optimizing the time and operational activities for operators. Pharma Technology Customer Service completed the great work with a very proactive attitude and an attentive response both in providing the spare parts and in supporting on field.

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