Flex Connect – Easy & Safe flexible connectivity

Flex Connect is an FDA-approved silicone pipe that enables quick and easy connection to process equipment without using a tri-clamp.

Key benefits
  • Dust Tight flexibility and watertight connectivity
  • No use of tri-clamp and sealing
  • No vibration transfer
  • Ease operator handling
  • Light part misalignment acceptance
  • FDA-approved material

Due to its flexible design, Flex Connect adapts to any tablet press. Flex Connect creates dust-tight connectivity and can be used in high-containment and washable situations with additional quick release collars. Its flexibility helps connect misaligned equipment and vibration between pipes and equipment. With a patented design that prevents product jams in the funnel, it can be used for tablets, capsules, or powder transfers. This solution is used in “DT” Dust Tight, “C” Containment ≤0EB4, and “HC” High Containment ≤0EB5 washable environments.

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