Success Story | Mastering Production with an All-in-One Solution

We had a challenging request: find a solution capable of polishing, metal checking, sorting, and automatically distributing capsules at the same time. All of this in a small production area. Pharma Technology was able to provide us with a flexible and comprehensive solution to fulfill our requirements..

Jonas Knieling, STADA Arzneimittel AG

  • Introduction

In the world of pharmaceuticals, customization and modular design are paramount to give manufacturers the full flexibility they need to adapt the equipment to their own production process and infrastructure.

As part of our long-standing partnership, Stada, a company committed to delivering high-quality and affordable medicines worldwide, came to us with a specific demand for an all-in-one system including capsule polishing, metal detecting, sorting, and dispensing.

Over the years, Stada has relied on our equipment to enhance their manufacturing processes, so they were already familiar with some of our technologies from previous tablet dedusters and capsule polishers they bought from us, and which have consistently provided them with satisfying results.

Moreover, Stada has always appreciated the seamless communication and prompt responses they have experienced with our dedicated team, from Sales to After-sales.

  • Company Profile
  1. Company:    Stada Arzneimittel AG
  2. Country:      Germany
  3. Industry:     Pharmaceutical
  4. Type:            Generics
  5. Size:              13,000+ employees
  6. Solution:      iCaps DT
  • Challenge

Within their installation, the main stumbling block of the project was the impossibility of communication between their existing capsule filler and the new equipment to be installed. In addition, their trolley-mounted drums were bulky and difficult to integrate in their cramped production room. Stada was faced with the daunting task of optimizing every available inch of space to fit these essential components.

  • Solution

Known for our ingenuity and problem-solving capabilities, we designed a custom iCaps polisher to address Stada’s challenges. The solution lay in a combination of technologies:

° Empty Capsule Eliminator (ECE): To ensure a smooth production process, we implemented the ECE to efficiently remove all broken and empty capsules.

° Automatic diverter 4-ways with customized pipes: Our team customized the diverter with special pipes and sensors to minimize the machine’s footprint. This custom design allowed for seamless integration into Stada’s tight production space.

° Laser Sensors: We incorporated Laser sensors to measure the quantity of capsules in the bin. This data was used to trigger the next drum signal, ensuring a continuous and efficient manufacturing process.

The decision to implement this global solution was influenced by two main key factors:

° USABILITY: Stada valued solutions that were easy to clean, assemble, and operate. Our technologies met these criteria, reducing downtime associated with maintenance and setup.

° AUTOMATION: The new setup significantly reduced the need for operators to be present in the production room, automating the process and increasing operational efficiency.

  • Result

As a result, the implementation of our turnkey solution not only addressed Stada’s challenges, but also brought additional benefits:

° Reduction in Costs: Automation and improved efficiency resulted in lower production costs, as Stada was able to downsize the staff members needed to manage the capsule filling line.

° Improved Product Quality: With the ECE ensuring that only compliant capsules moved forward in the production process, they achieved better product quality and an improved downstream process.

° Streamlined Operations: Our customized solution made efficient use of available space, optimizing their entire production process.

  • Conclusion

The success story of our customer serves as a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation in the pharmaceutical industry.

Pharma Technology’s dedication to providing tailored solutions, combined with Stada’s commitment to excellence, resulted in a transformation that not only overcame existing challenges but also set the stage for future growth and efficiency.

As we continue our partnership with Stada, we look forward to further advancements and achievements together in the OSD industry.

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