Exhibition | IFPAC – Cortona, Italy – October 8-11, 2023

We will take part in the IFPAC Cortona Conference 2023, the biennial conference covering the latest in Advanced Manufacturing technology and innovation for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. This is a major opportunity to interact with key participants from government, academia, and leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology corporations.

Join us on Wednesday, 11 October for the session on PAT and Analytics:

Process Analytical Technologies, whilst not a new concept in the manufacturing space, are fast becoming integral to the pharmaceutical industry. The recent push towards designing quality into the process, accelerated by release of regulatory guidance (ICH Q8 ) has highlighted the importance of PAT for providing data linked to enhanced process understanding. Coupled with analytics and automation, this supports the transition towards Pharma 4.0; a new industry standard connecting external information (patient experience, market demand) with internal information (process data) to enable real time responsiveness, monitoring and control.


  • Topic: Contribution of high-speed in-line inspection to automated and DoE-based development of tablets
  • Speaker: Sven Borchert


Intelligent automation of pharmaceutical manufacturing suites offers the opportunity to improve the drug and formulation discovery process. The talk will highlight how a high-speed in-line inspection system can greatly enhance the potential of a completely automated development process of a pharmaceutical oral solid dosage (OSD) form from powder to granules to finished tablets.

By providing fast and valuable data about produced tablets, that could further be correlated with the critical process parameters of every single unit operation involved in the manufacturing process, the CU-120, a high-speed in-line inspection unit can be a key addition for DoE-based and automated development of OSD forms.


Sven Borchert has a PhD in Chemistry and works for Pharma Technology as Product Specialist for the Quality Control Division. He previously worked for several years on the integration of high-speed inspection technologies with Uhlmann VisioTec, Kraemer Elektronik and ACG, India. He has broad experience in implementing high-speed equipment into pharmaceutical production processes, NIR spectroscopy, Raman spectroscopy, PAT, continuous manufacturing…

You can see the full program of this event here.