Why opting for an integrated metal detector?

Benefits of a Tablet Deduster Combined with Metal Detector

Selecting a vertical uphill deduster combined with a metal detector can benefit you in several ways. First of all, it saves valuable floor space in the production room, up to 40% with a compact Pharma Technology solution. With growing concerns about environmental sustainability, footprint reduction is paramount to reduce water, energy, and raw material consumption, and ultimately minimize environmental impact. Secondly, it reduces the number of cables and connections, resulting in a clutter-free, safer and easier-to-clean working environment. Finally, the elevating spiral offers a height gain, allowing for additional downstream tablet handling functions within the same footprint. For example, it makes it possible to add a multi-way tablet diverter for discharge into drums and/or a tablet sampling gate, automatically piloted by the deduster, to further optimize the manufacturing process. The extra height also allows larger drums to be filled, a major benefit in case of high-volume tablet production.

The Risks of Unreliable Integration

However, an integrated solution requires meticulous expertise to prevent any perturbation transmission from the tablet deduster to the metal detector in order to maintain detection accuracy. Pharma Technology will put in place specific design features to reliably integrate the metal detector into its design. The first focus is on the frame: a robust frame built independently of the metal detector and incorporating a vibrator on shock absorbers will absorb most of the vibrations. Next, consider the junction between the deduster and the detector: a flexible silicone connection will prevent any vibration transmission between the two, yet allow for easy (dis)assembly without extra clamp or gasket. In addition, full integration of electrical cables will help to screen out electrical disturbances from surrounding equipment.

Go the Extra Mile

On top of stability, advanced solutions offer many other added values, such as an automatic metal detector control system for extra efficiency and safety. Replacing manual test ball insertion for metal inspection, this unique technology eliminates any risk of containment breach and reduces labor costs. As standard, this solution comes with a round inlet chute in the detector, offering greater stability than traditional square-entry detectors, but also a design ready to upgrade from dust-tight to high containment without any adaptation parts or clamps. Last but not least, a combined deduster can integrate software to manage all downstream systems (metal detector, diverter, sampling, etc) from a single touchscreen, making the installation more user-friendly and efficient.