NutraFlex – tablet deduster for food supplements

Designed for efficiency and usability, the NutraFlex is a straightforward solution for tablet dedusting.
It can be combined with a metal detector and a drum loading system.

Key benefits
  • Efficient dedusting
  • Robust FDA registered material
  • cGMP compliance
  • Reliable operation
  • Fast and easy cleaning & dismantling

The NutraFlex is a tablet deduster specially developed to meet nutraceutical production needs. The solution brings together all the expertise from the pharmaceutical industry while offering efficiency and cost orientation for the nutraceutical market. This unit is equipped with a transparent segmented spiral, giving a 360° view of the tablet’s process. The segments are made of Tritan Copolyester, which was chosen for its robustness and easy maintenance. The technology combining enlarged circumferential dust extraction channels and central air jets on the tablets provides a very efficient dedusting while ensuring high throughput. Utmost care has been taken to make it as user-friendly as possible, eliminating the need for tooling.

Products to process Tablets
Dedusting technology Vertical uphill with air jet
Air jet Yes
Deburring option Yes
Conveying material FDA Hi-tec polymer spiral segment of 55 mm
Minimum product size Ø 4 mm
Maximum product size Ø 25 mm
Metal detector CEIA
Round tablets Ø 6 mm x 3 mm 1.900.000 tabs/h
Round tablets Ø 8 mm x 3,5 mm 600.000 tabs/h
Round tablets Ø 13 mm x 4 mm 290.000 tabs/h
Shaped tablets 15 x 8 x 5 mm 300.000 tabs/h
Shaped tablets 21 x 10 x 7 mm 140.000 tabs/h
Inlet height 595 mm
Outlet height - without metal detector 870 mm
Outlet height - with metal detector 725 mm

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