NutraCaps – capsule polisher for food supplements

Designed for efficiency and usability, the NutraCaps is a straightforward solution for capsule polishing.
It can be combined with a metal detector, an empty capsule eliminator, and a drum loading system.

Key benefits
  • Outstanding polishing performance
  • Supporting all capsule sizes
  • cGMP compliance
  • Complete emptying
  • Fast and easy cleaning & dismantling

The NutraCaps is a capsule polisher specially developed to meet nutraceutical production needs. The solution brings together all the expertise from the pharmaceutical industry while
offering efficiency and cost orientation for the nutraceutical market. Its unique brush design provides a very high quality of polishing while maintaining a high production rate.

The unit uses a rotating brush to convey, clean, and efficiently polish capsules within a few seconds. It is equipped with a unique dust extraction system, immediately separating any
powder excess during the polishing process. Utmost care has been taken to make it as user-friendly as possible, eliminating the need for tooling. It is therefore the ideal solution for quick changeover when dealing with a wide range of products.

It is combinable with a Ceia metal detector, an Empty Capsule Eliminator (ECE), and a manual 2-way diverter.


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Product to process Capsules
Polishing technology Patented helicoidal brush system with side vacuuming
Self emptying Yes, all formats and weight
Small capsules (size 4-5) Up to 250.000 caps/h
Medium capsules (size 1-2-3) Up to 200.000 caps/h
Large capsules (size 0-00-000) Up to 200.000 caps/h
Total height 1706 mm
Inlet height 660 mm
Outlet height Between 924 and 1211 mm
Inlet chute TC DIN 32676 DN 50
Outlet chute TC ISO 1127 DN 50
Minimum product size 5
Maximum product size 000
Conveying adjustment Rotation speed
Requested air extraction 110 to 150 m³/h
Dust extraction connection TC ISO 1127 DN 50
Noise level ≤70 dB (A)
GMP compliance Yes
Polymer contact parts FDA POM C
Contact parts finishing RA < 0,8 μm
Frame parts Stainless steel 304
Frame finishing Brushed 320
Metal detector CEIA THS/PH21 EE - Head aperture 100 x 40 mm
Interfacing/Connectivity N/A
Manual cleaning Easy access for cleaning - No tools required

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