New partner for Q-Control Division

We are delighted to enter into a new collaboration with ABCS srl to deploy our PAT and in-line inspection solutions on the Italian market.

Based near Milan, ABCS is an independent Research and Development company distributing analytical technology for laboratory and process instrumentation that can be used to monitor Critical Quality Attributes (CQA) quality parameters in real-time in different production systems: discrete, continuous, and batch. ABCS provides a full range of process analytical technologies (PAT) for process monitoring – and instrumentation for materials characterization.

It is also a contract laboratory providing comprehensive research and consulting services to companies operating in the chemical-pharmaceutical industry, among others. Their services range from analytical methods development to validation in accordance with international guidelines (ICH, SANCO, Pharmacopoeias, etc).

This new partnership is based on common values shared by both ABCS and Pharma Technology:

  • Problem-solving
  • Innovation
  • Continuous improvement

With 25 years of experience in materials science and scientific instruments, ABCS becomes a key partner for Pharma Technology and the exclusive Italian agent for our Q-control division portfolio. They will distribute our 3 solutions for in-line inspection and real-time release support:

  • CUB-20; our solution for non-destructive API’s fraction prediction
  • CU-120; our solution for 100% Content Unifromity (API’s fraction + Mass)
  • CW-150; our checkweigher for tablets and capsules

From the laboratory to the production line, Pharma Technology and ABCS are glad to join forces for continuous improvement at every stage of the process.