Highly efficient capsules polishing


MediGrün is both a renowned bio-certified manufacturer of dietary supplements and one of the European market leaders in contract filling. The collaboration between MediGrün and Pharma Technology started in 2019 with the aim of finding the most suitable capsule polisher, able to achieve a polished and shiny finish. 

Quality is very important at MediGrün !

What was your main reason for choosing the polishing technology from Pharma Technology?

I believe one of the most important features that convinced us about the iCaps was the polishing efficiency” explains Dr Markus Grün, Managing Director at MediGrün (Germany). “The result that the unit can achieve on capsules cleanliness and brightness is incredible and the machines are fully compliant with all the cGMP standards”.  In production, there are 5 iCaps with CEIA metal detector in “DT” Dust-Tight configuration. Elevation heights are 1800mm & 2200 mm. The benefit of having such a height is that it allows the 100% weight control to be fed directly and reduces the amount of equipment in the process line.”

What are the main advantages of the iCaps polisher?

  • Excellent polishing efficiency
  • Accuracy of the metal check
  • Total emptying
  • Reliability
  • Fast changeover 
  • Easy cleanability
  • High speed capacity

To reach premium product quality, our goal is to guarantee a reliable and efficient high-speed production capacity to always meet our customers’ expectations.

The iCaps can achieve excellent performances with any kind of capsule shape and size thanks to the patented brush design that combines hard and soft bristles for a highly efficient polishing technology. 

Removing powder particles after the capsule filling process also improves the next production phases of sorting and packaging, ensuring that the overall process is running smoothly without unforeseen downtime.

When dealing with multiple products, the short changeover time of the polishing unit is extremely important to avoid too long cleaning intervals and maintain high productivity. The CEIA metal detector is also playing a key role in the reliability of the iCaps unit with a highly accurate detection of Ferro / Non-Ferro / SS316L parts.

Today, production is around 10.000.000 capsules per day, and we need to rely on high quality equipment to offer the best possible product to our customers, perfectly in line with our expectation. “Pharma Technology is a very good partner in providing solutions meeting your needs” says Dr Markus Grün.

How would you evaluate Pharma Technology from the after-sales perspective? 

Having a presence in Germany is a big advantage for Pharma Technology, which has always shown a fast reaction and response time whenever the need arises, whether it is field support, remote assistance or fast delivery of spare parts. 

The Service technicians are very skilled, proactive, and always available, which is exactly what you would expect from a service team.

About the daily operation of the machines, are your operators satisfied to work with Pharma Technology units?

Yes, they are! 

The iCaps units are very ergonomic, robust, and easy to clean! This makes for sure the operator’s life more comfortable. 

Furthermore, with all the different types of capsules we produce, the possibility to have a total emptying of the units is a key benefit.

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