iSeries – tablet deduster with polymer segments “HC” High Containment ≤OEB5

The “HC” High Containment unit is used for highly toxic drugs preventing any contact with the operator and the production room. This equipment is intended to be connected with any tablet press, as a WIP – washing in place or a WOL – washing off line solution.

Key benefits
  • Patented ≤OEB5 WIP/WOL dedusting and metal check - SMEPAC tested and ATEX certified
  • Pressure monitoring with fail security valves and Pressure decay
  • 5 elevation heights from 500 mm to 1500 mm
  • FDA-approved light components to handle and wash
  • Ergonomic, Efficient, Robust, Reliable
  • No risk of cross contamination - Easy validation
  • Central HMI with OPC UA, CFR 21 Part 11 compliant

In addition to the OEB 5 containment performance, the new High Containment Washing In Place solution allows the washing up of equipment at the end of the production batch. This guarantees that volatile dust is removed before dismantling the equipment. At the basis of its conception, utmost care has been taken to simplify the design, by reducing the amount of parts to be assembled/disassembled without tools. Connectivity systems, such as Alpha Beta valves, can be customized at the various points of connection of the machine.

The machine includes pressure monitoring and pressure decay. This pressure decay allows the operator to perform a final tightness test before starting to use toxic drugs in the system. At the end of the batch, the machine can be automatically washed in conjunction with the tablet press or in a separate room.
The conception of the unit and its washing kit helps save space in the production room and reduce retention areas. Both wiring and piping are fully integrated with the machine frame.

Products to process Tablets/Capsules
Dedusting technology Vertical uphill with air jet
Air jet Yes
Deburring option Yes
Conveyor material FDA Hi-tec polymer
Capacity/Speed High
Micro tablets Ø 2,5 mm Up to 5.000.000.-Tabs/h
Small Tablets Ø 5 mm Up to 3.000.000.-Tabs/h
Medium Tablets Ø 13 mm Up to 400.000.Tabs/h
Effervescent Tablets Ø 20 mm Up to 125.000.Tabs/h
Small capsules Size 4 Up to 750.000.-Tabs/h
Large capsules Size 0 Up to 300.000.-Caps/h
Inlet Height
Low Line 590 mm
Standard Line N/A
High line N/A
Available elevation heights 500 / 750 / 1000 / 1250 / 1500 mm
Metal check CEIA /PH21N - Head aperture Ø 70 mm
Intrinsic sensitivity SS 316L 0,40 mm
Ferro 0,25 mm
Non Ferro 0,30 mm
Metal check Lock Insight - Head aperture Ø 70 mm
Intrinsic sensitivity SS 316L 0,50 mm
Ferro 0,30 mm
Non Ferro 0,35 mm
Diverter 2 ways - 4 ways - Euro Pallet - Circular
Tester 4 parameters Weight-Tickness-Hardness-Diameter
Occupational Exposure Band OEB 5
Noise level <69 dB(A)
GMP compliance Yes
CE compliance Yes
Cleaning and Dismantling
Manual cleaning Easy access for cleaning/No tools required
Automatic cleaning Washing in place - Washing of line

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