Horizontal linear Conveyor

The linear vibrator is used to convey tablets and capsules horizontally from one point to another.

Key benefits
  • Compatible with the deduster/polisher
  • Available in 3 lenghts: 800, 1000, 1200 mm
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to disassemble
  • Compact footprint
  • FDA approved material

The linear vibrator is mainly used to overcome difficult room configurations, for example, to overcome the wall concept. It is already in “DT” Dust Tight and it can be easily upgraded to “C” Containment ≤0EB4, and “HC” High Containment ≤0EB5 washable versions.

Products to process Tablets / Capsules
Dedusting technology Horizontal conveying
Air jet N/A
Deburring option N/A
Conveyor material 316L stainless steel spiral tube
Capacity / Speed High
Micro tablets Diam 2,5 mm Up to 5.000.000.-Tabs/h
Small Tablets Diam. 5 mm Up to 3.000.000.-Tabs/h
Medium Tablets Diam. 13 mm Up to 400.000.Tabs/h
Effervescent Tablets Diam. 20 mm Up to 125.000.Tabs/h
Small capsules T4 Up to 750.000.-Tabs/h
Large capsules T0 Up to 300.000.-Tabs/h
Interfacing / Connectivity
Inlet height
Low Line Adjustable from 620 to 710 mm
Standard Line Adjustable from 760 to 850 mm
High line N/A
Available elevation heights 800 / 1000 / 1200 mm
Metal check N/A
Diverter N/A
Tester N/A
Operator Exposur Level Up to OEL 5
Noise level Low emision Max. 72db(A)
GMP compliance Yes
CE compliance Yes
Cleaning and Dismantling
Manual cleaning Easy access for cleaning / No tools required
Automatic cleaning Washing in Place - Washing Of Line

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