Diverter – EPS Euro Pallet Systems

The Euro Pallet System (EPS) allows products to be distributed into up to 12 drums according to the quantity produced, as preset by the tablet press counter, volumetric sensor, or weighing system.

Key benefits
  • Extends manufacturing time without supervision
  • Reduces manual operation in the production room
  • Improves factory efficiency
  • Avoids operator’s contact with the APIs

The distributor is highly flexible, as the number of containers (up to 12) to be filled varies, so does the dropping height of the tablets and capsules. The EPS unit ensures less contact with operators inside the production room, which reduces cross-contamination between operators and products. The diverter can be equipped with a jam sensor. The frame of the complete unit incorporates hydraulic cylinders for height adjustment, saving space on the ground.

The EPS drum loading center is dust-tight as standard. It is also available in “C” Containment ≤0EB4, and “HC” High Containment ≤0EB5 washable version.

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