iTest – 2 Parameters capsule tester “DT” Dust Tight and “C” Containment ≤OEB4

The 2 parameters tester allows to test the weight and the length of the capsule sample. The testers are fully integrated in the polisher HMI to create global reporting and audit trail.

Key benefits
  • Available in “DT” Dust Tight and “C” Containment ≤OEB4
  • Accurate measurement of weight (+/- 0,1 mg) and lenght (+/- 0,1 mm)
  • Complete separation between product and mechanical/electrical area to increase operator safety
  • Extremely quiet testing environment with no air turbulence
  • Fully integrated in the polisher HMI
  • Global reporting and audit trail
  • CFR 21 Part 11 compliant software

The High precision In Process Control tester for measuring the physical parameters of the product (weight +/-0,1 mg and length  +/-0,1 mm) allows you to automatically take  samples from your production and to continuously monitor  weight and length.

Our iCaps integrate a 2 parameters capsule tester but the unit is also available as stand alone, which allows us to generate alarm signals in case of violation of product specifications and create quality batch reports automatically.

The software is CFR 21 Part 11 compliant and includes user management and the possibility to collect data on a USB stick.

Weighing measurment:
Weighing cell Sartorius WZA224-L
Weighing unit 1 mg/0,1 mg (adjustable)
Weighing range 10 mg - 50 g
Weighing accuracy ±1 mg in stable environment
Lenght measurment:
Drive Stepper-Motor
Measurement principle Stepper-Motor
Measurement unit mm (inch)
Measurement range 3 - 25 mm
Measurement accuracy ±0,1 mm
General information:
Containment level "DT" Dust tight or "C" Containment ≤OEB4
Samples conveying Dust-Tight aspiration (optional venturi if not sufficient vacuum at the customer location)
Requested air extraction Between 150-200 m3/h - Between 50-2000 Pa
Dust extraction connection Mini Flex Connect ©
Requested compressed air min. 4 bar
Compressed air connection QS8
Power supply & Frequency 110V/230V - 50 Hz/60 Hz
Polymer contact parts PMMA - PX 280 FDA - POM C
Contact parts finishing RA <0,5 µm
Frame parts Stainless steel 304
Frame finishing Mirror polished
Frame mounted on wheels Yes
IQ-OQ protocol Available
Material certificates Available
Total height (without vacuum conveyor) 470 mm
Floor dimensions (WxL) 440 mm x 490 mm
Inlet chute tester Flex Connect ©
Outlet chute tester TC DIN 32676 DN 50
Packing Box on 1US pallet
Net weight tester (+/- 5Kg) 28 Kg

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