Quality Control Barometer – Shaping the Future of Quality Control

We are delighted to announce that Pharma Technology supports the 2024 QC Barometer initiated by Biopharmark, showcasing our commitment to advancing Quality Control in OSD drug product manufacturing.

With the current emergence of continuous manufacturing and the associated introduction of innovative technologies, there is a need for a different, improved approach to Quality Control. Within this context, the 2024 QC Barometer has been initiated to better understand how companies are responding to current industry challenges and reacting to new trends, such as Process Analytical Technologies (PATs), paving the way for real-time release testing.

After the data collection period, study results will be anonymously published in a final report due in June 2024. It will enable companies from the OSD pharmaceutical industry to position themselves against other industry players and ultimately make better-informed decisions about their Quality Control Strategy.

If you are active in the Quality Control for OSD drug product manufacturing, we invite you to participate in this global survey. As an industry expert, your insights are valuable to shape the future of Quality Control in our industry.

We are convinced that, together, we can drive innovation and progress.