iTest – 4 Parameters tablet tester “C” Containment ≤OEB4

The “C” 4 parameters tester is a new generation of automatic tablet testing system for integrated process control (IPC). Intended for use as a stand-alone equipment with its own HMI or in combination with an upward conveying tablet deduster, the module offers premium analysis capabilities in testing tablets weight, thickness, hardness and length/diameter.

Key benefits
  • Extremely quiet testing environment with no air turbulence - Very accurate measurement
  • Complete separation between product and mechanical/electrical area to increase operator safety
  • Tablets transfer by vacuum allowing less dust contamination in the tester area
  • CFR 21 Part 11 compliant software
  • Easy cleaning, validation and calibration

The core of the unit design is the strict separation of dust or tablet fragments from the production flow, resulting in a continuous manufacturing process. Tablets are sampled directly on the press and conveyed through a flexible hose to the tester via vacuum. The pinch valve placed at the input of the equipment, the optional H13 Hepa Filter and the light negative pressure are all elements to avoid environmental contamination and increase safety for operators. The entire test area is equipped with sealings. Sample tablets are tested for each parameter against pre-programmed recipes. The hardness broken ones are rejected in a Clip & Cut bag, while the non-destructed go in a separate Clip & Cut bag as witness. Utmost care has been taken to simplify the design for cleaning procedures. This new tester design, which includes a net separation between the product area and the mechanical/electrical parts, increases safety during maintenance operations. All the parts are accessible and easily disassembled without the use of tools, making the system extremely easy to service and maintain Also available in “HC” High Containment ≤OEB5 washable.

Weighing measurment:
Weighing cell Sartorius WZA224-L
Weighing unit 1 mg/0,1 mg (adjustable)
Weighing range 10 mg - 50 g
Weighing accuracy ±1 mg in stable environment
Thickness measurment:
Drive Stepper-Motor
Measurement principle Magnetic Sensor
Measurement unit mm or inch
Measurement range 3 - 18 mm
Measurement accuracy ± 0,05 mm
Hardness measurment:
Drive Stepper-Motor
Force measurement Load measurement cell
Measurement principle Strain measurement strip (DMS)
Force Units N (Kp, Sc)
Measurement range 4-400 N, extended 8-800 N
Measurement accuracy ± 2 N (with 800 N ±4 N)
Force increase 250 N/sec
Work speed pressure jaw 0,35 mm/sec
Approach and Return speed pressure jaw 8,5 - 17 mm/sec adjustable
Diameter measurment:
Drive Stepper-Motor
Measurement principle Stepper-Motor
Measurement unit mm (inch)
Measurement range 3 - 25 mm
Measurement range Oblong 5 - 20 mm
Measurement accuracy ±0,1 mm
General information:
Containment level "C" Containment ≤OEB4
Samples conveying Dust-Tight aspiration (optional venturi if not sufficient vacuum at the customer location)
Requested air extraction Between 150-200 m3/h - Between 50-2000 Pa
Dust extraction connection Mini Flex Connect ©
Requested compressed air min. 4 bar
Compressed air connection QS8
Power supply & Frequency 110V/230V - 50 Hz/60 Hz
Polymer contact parts PMMA - PX 280 FDA - POM C
Contact parts finishing RA <0,5 µm
Frame parts Stainless steel 304
Frame finishing Mirror polished
Frame mounted on wheels Yes
IQ-OQ protocol Available
Material certificates Available
Total height (without HEPA filter) 1176 mm
Inlet height (Double inlet) 1130 mm
Floor dimensions (WxL) 484 mm x 490 mm
Inlet chute 4-P tester Flex Connect ©
Outlet chute 4-P tester TC DIN 32676 DN 50
Packing Box on 1US pallet
Net weight 4-P tester (+/- 5Kg) 75 Kg

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