Process development

CUB-20 - Non-destructive API’s fraction [%] prediction

The most sophisticated multipoint NIR-SRS (Spatially Resolved Spectroscopy) is embedded to allow prediction of the APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) fractions in the tablets formulation. A close and strong collaboration between engineers, research centre and university has contributed in achieving extremely accurate content measurements. The versatile transportable unit is intended to run as a PAT non-destructive […]

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CU-120 – 100% Content uniformity APIs Fraction [%] + Mass [Mg]

Each product is inspected by the multipoint NIR-SRS “near-Infrared spatially resolved technology” probe to predict APIs concentration, and a 3D microwave resonator allowing to measure individual weight. Various extensive repeatability tests campaigns and industrial case studies have shown that the predictions are within the predicted error boundaries. The unit include an encapsulated weighcell, or a […]

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CW-150 - Checkweigher [Mg] for tablets & capsules

New and innovative in-line solution designed to ensure the quality of each individual tablet or capsule weight for up to OEB3 level products. The CW-150 measure individual weight from each single tablet or capsule up to a speed of 150.000 objects per hour and rejects all non-compliant products. The ideal tool for in-line  quality Inspection […]

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