Process development

CUB-X - For OSD development and commercial production

The CUB-X is an innovative and versatile tablet inspection system, which can be used for OSD product & process development, as well as for IPC sample analysis and full batch inspection & sorting.
It is equipped with novel spectroscopy and laser technologies allowing for high-speed highly accurate non-destructive measurement of tablet thickness, API’s mass fraction and moisture content.

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CU-120 – 100% Content uniformity APIs Fraction [%] + Mass [Mg]

Each product is inspected by the multipoint NIR-SRS “near-Infrared spatially resolved technology” probe to predict APIs concentration, and a 3D microwave resonator allows to measure individual weight. Various extensive repeatability test campaigns and industrial case studies have shown that the predictions are within the predicted error boundaries. The unit includes an encapsulated weigh cell, or […]

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CW-150 - Checkweigher [mg] for tablets & capsules

New and innovative in-line solution designed to ensure the quality of each individual tablet or capsule weight for up to OEB3 level products. The CW-150 measures the individual weight of every single tablet or capsule up to a speed of 150.000 objects per hour and rejects all non-compliant products. The ideal tool for in-line quality […]

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T/CVIS-NSR – Tablet & Capsule Visual Inspection System

The T/CVIS-NSR inspection machines from the Viswill company automatically inspect 360° of the product surfaces at the speed of up to 300.000 tablets/hour and 125.000 capsules/hour. The products are held in a reproducible position by a vacuum conveying system and inspected by the cameras. The machine is operated by a user-friendly graphical interface, providing simple operation and training for the inspection of new products. The active sorting system with reject confirmation ensures that any defective product is fail-safely rejected. Remote control of the production status can be done remotely through an iPad.

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